About Me

I am a freelance documentary, editorial and reportage photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. After receiving a degree in visual journalism from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY I went on to a seven-year career in newspapers, which included staff positions with The Salt Lake Tribune and The News & Advance.

I specialize in documentary photojournalism, seeing stories in my own back yard and capturing intimate portraits of the human experience.  My craft has drawn me into people's living rooms, pulled me onto mountain tops, and humbled me at gravesides; from the Deep South to the American West.

I'm a frequent contributor to The New York Times  and The Washington Post.

The documentary project "The Land of the Free", which follows the resurgence of a militia movement in Utah, was awarded a support grant from TheDocumentaryProjectFund.

My work has been featured and commissioned by ProPublica, PBS NewsHour, Bloomberg,  Associated Press, NPR, NBC News, The Guardian USThe Chronicle of Higher Education, Stern, Getty Images, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, KIT.se, The Atlantic, Narrative.ly, Everyday Incarceration, Vantage and others.

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